About Shop and Support Your Charity

ShopandSupportYourCharity.com started as an idea from the president of a small non-profit organization looking for a fundraising event that was different than others.  The founder has extensive experience in software development, sales and marketing having run a successful website development and internet marketing company for 12 years.  The concept was put together for the KimiNicholsCenter in Plaistow, NH.  With some success, there we made some changes to direction and developed a method that will let people support their favorite charities at no cost to them.  We are excited about the concept and look forward to being able to help many organizations in the coming years!

Our success and our growth will be dependent on how successful we are at helping you support your favorite charity.  Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

You pick your charity, you buy from some great and interesting merchants, and the charity of your choice benefits.  We think that’s awesome!

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